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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Recipe Round-Up

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I love doing these recipe round-ups, because instead of adding new recipes to my conglomeration I get to highlight some of the old ones. You know what they say, oldies, but goodies. ;)

I was so excited for Christmas I can hardly keep from jumping up and down. I get to see my grandparents today, my cousin, aunt, and uncle. That all adds up for a grand total of 11 people, including my family. We're having everyone over for brunch tomorrow and I'm not sure if we'll have enough chairs.

To bring to Christmas Eve dinner at my grandma's house, my mom made gluten-free meatballs and if they're any good I'll post them on the blog. I bet they are. Basically anything my mom makes is good. ;)

I'd have to say my favorite part of Christmas is seeing other people's faces as they open their gifts. It makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside. I can't say what I gave my family members, because my mom reads my blog, though.

I've procrastinated enough. Onto the recipes!

These are perfect for brunch on Christmas morning. They're a snap to make and bursting with blueberries. 

If you're not serving any blueberry fans, or aren't one yourself, these are the perfect substitution. Who could pass up a muffin full of chocolate chips and almond flavoring? I also like to call them Panera Muffie copycats. 

Chewy, delicious, molasses-y cookies. To me these scream Christmas. 

I'm not a fan of fruit cake, but I love spice cake. It's perfect with chopped up dates and a creamy vanilla frosting. 

Of course, these are a personal favorite of mine. Nothing is better than Pop-Tarts early Christmas morning. ;)

Again, this just screams Christmas. And ginger is one of my favorite spices, so I adore this moist little loaf. 

A fun dessert to make and I promise your guests will love it. But be warned, you might not want to share.

Very peppermint-y and with a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom, you can't go wrong.

The perfect vehicle for salmon, cream cheese, or any other spread/dip. 

This is a great replacement for mashed potatoes or any other carb dish of the like. The perfect mixture of beets, potatoes, turnips, and sweet potatoes/squash make this a healthy, yet absolutely addictive side dish. 

An easy, quick entree to prepare for guests. I love it served with mashed potatoes, peas, and topped with gravy. 

Even though this isn't my own recipe, it is one of my very favorites and worth sharing. While everyone else is having some breaded appetizer, you can have homemade chicken nuggets. We all know who will be jealous. Actually, I'm bringing these to dinner tonight. ;)

From the Comfy Belly

Inquiry of the Day:

How are you spending Christmas? With a bunch of people or just a few? 

Christmas at my house always means tons of people. We're never really sure who to expect. ;)



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    1. Thanks! I seriously am addicted to them. They're like potato chips- once you start it's hard to stop! ;) Have a happy New Year!


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