Tuesday, April 15, 2014

20 Healthy Easter Recipes

Guess what time it is guys!?!?!?

It's Easter! The time of spring and sunshine and budding trees.... Or not. It's about 35 degrees here and rapidly dropping. We even got a light dusting of snow this morning. It's beginning to look like a lot like Christmas anyone? Why does it never snow on Christmas but then we get about a gazillion tons of it through January, Feburary, March, and April? Yes, I really do mean April. 

But I'll spare you my sob story. On a much happier note, Easter is a time to celebrate whether you're religious or not. If you're in school, it's a time to celebrate the coming of the end of the school year. You may be celebrating that Easter ham you're grandma always makes or the jelly beans or just spending time with family. I am looking forward to all those things. And I'm looking forward to chocolate pie. I mean, who wouldn't look forward to that? 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Restaurant Review: bd's Mongolian Grill

I'm going to start doing a completely new thing where I do restaurant reviews. I know some of you have dietary restrictions and that more often than not affects where you go out to eat, does it not? So, to help you out a little bit I thought I'd do these restaurant reviews to let you know how gluten-free friendly, vegan friendly, creative, etc. a restaurant is.

A picture of my leftover stir-fry. Which tasted almost better the next day!
Today I am reviewing bd's Mongolian Grill, which is one of my favorite places to eat. Ever. If you've never been to a mongolian grill, I'll let you know how it works. Basically, they give you an ordinary bowl to start with that you can fill with meat, noodles, vegetables, etc. They have all kinds of meat that ranges from tofu to sirlion, even calamari and duck! In the meat section of the table, there is also angel hair pasta, rice noodles, and a couple other types of pasta. But I usually eat rice and don't get any noodles. Now onto the vegetables!

They have a buttload of veggies. You have to be really selective and pack down those veggies or else your bowl will overflow onto the floor! You can get radishes, carrots, baby corn, edamame, black beans, potatoes, pineapple, and that's not even half of the things you can add.

And finally... the sauces. What I love about the sauces is that they clearly tell you which ones are gluten free which ones are vegetarian friendly and which ones are both. You can also add an egg, fresh garlic or ginger and a variety of ground spices.

But the best part of bd's Mongolian Grill is watching them stir-fry your bowl. They have this huge circular stone slab that the put your food directly onto. It's super hot and they have these awesome long stick thingys that they use to stir fry your food with. If you're concerned about gluten contamination or any other type of contamination they can take your bowl to the back room where it is specially stir fried.

What I love so much about this restaurant is that it's very allergen friendly and super customizeable. I am a complete control freak so being able to see what goes into my food is very comforting. The only problem I have with the restaurant is that it isn't the cheapest place to eat. But trust me, it's worth it! All in all, I highly recommend this restaurant and if you ever get the chance to go, take it! And if I haven't convinced you of how awesome bd's Mongolian Grill is yet, I can't help you.

Oh, and if gluten isn't a problem for you, order the bacon fried rice. It is sooo good!

Question of the Day:

Have you ever been to a Mongolian grill or a restaurant similar to it? If so, what was your experience? 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mango Yogurt Smoothie

I love smoothies. They're quick, easy, and almost always yummy.  I say almost always, because I've had a few smoothie mishaps. Let's just say that a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie with avocado in it was a bad idea... :\

My only problem with smoothies is that they can easily get boring, so it's good to have a variety of recipes just to switch things up with occassionally. And this recipe is the newest addition to my smoothie list! It's creamy, fruity, and tastes like this ice cream. Perfection? I think so. ;)

This smoothie sort of reminds me of sunshine. Liquid sunshine that makes you happy from the inside out. We all want to drink liquid sunshine, right? Or is that just me? In any case, this smoothie is still delicious and stupidly simple. So why not give it a go?

Based of this recipe

1/2 c. orange or mango juice
1/2 c. plain Greek yogurt (or non-dairy yogurt of choice)
3/4 c. frozen mango
2 T. ground flaxseed
1/2 c. protein powder of 1-2 T. collagen hydrolyslate (don't be scared by the name! It's just gelatin that doesn't solidfy)
dash cinnamon
1/2 tsp. lime juice
5-6 ice cubes
sweetner, to taste

1. Add all your ingredients to a blender and give it a whirl!
2. Pour into a glass, sip out of a straw, and add a fancy umbrella. Optional, but highly recommended. ;)

Inquiry of the Day:

Have you ever had any smoothie mishaps? 
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