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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hunger Games Recipe Round-Up

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As you probably know (if you're a die-hard Hunger Games fan like me) that The Hunger Games DVD comes out a week from today.

In honor of the occasion I've made a recipe roundup of all the recipes associated with the Hunger Games. It seemed extremely appropriate to add at least two bread recipes, seeing as how Peeta is a baker and all. So I'm very please with how this post turned out.

I wasn't expecting to have so many recipes that would fit in with this theme (seeing as how this blog has only been going for a months), but low-and-behold, I had 5!

Anyways, here they are. A Hunger Games recipe roundup.

How appropriate is it to have a pita bread recipe! I mean, really, it doesn't get anymore authentic than this.

Feel free to replace the beef with squirrel, venison, or any other kind of wild game. 

With lots of different spices, dried fruits, and nuts, it seems like the typical hunter-gather recipe that would be common in the Seam.

In the book, Prim is given peppermint candies by Katniss. I figure adding peppermint extract to these coconut melties will come pretty darn close to the actual candy.

Sorry! No picture for this one. One of Katniss's favorite foods is Peeta's cheese bread. So why not add one of my own to this recipe round-up?

With all these recipes you could have a feast! Pick and choose to make a Hunger Games worthy buffet. I know I'll definitely be making some of these and enjoying them while I watch the Hunger Games next Saturday!

Inquiry of the Day:

Will you be buying "The Hunger Games" DVD the day it comes out?

I know I will. No hesitation there! :)


  1. i am the bakespy! i'll come back!!

  2. Hi Olivia - I saw your comment on Chocolate Covered Katie so decided to come check it out! And what great timing. I have decided to give up wheat and eat more like paleo style but I know I can't stick to it without goodies LOL! I just bought my first bag of almond flour so you have given me some recipes to try that look great! I think I will try that cheese bread first. I have health issues too and I think diet plays a part in that, so I am going to give up white carbs and stick to it this time. I hope you are doing better or if not get better soon!

    1. Thank you soooo much! I'm glad you found me! =D
      I'm definitely doing better, but I haven't quite finished my health journey yet. You know what they say, slow and steady wins the race. ;)
      Again, thanks for the sweet comment. :) (wow, there were a lot of smiley faces in that)

  3. Hunger Games=Awesome Hunger Games Recipes=More than Awesome Hunger Games Recipes That I Actually Have the Ingredients For at College?=WAY more than Awesome.
    Thanks for the post Olivia!

    1. glad i could help you find Hunger Games food to eat at college :D also, glad that college is going good for you. keep up the fb posts!

  4. Anonymous9/05/2012

    OMG! The spice cake looks sooo good!

    1. it's is good! i highly recommend it. thanks for visiting! :D


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