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Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodwill.......... And Why It Is My Favorite Store Ever

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So I bought this plate:

This plate:

This glass:

And this glass:

All for $2.68 at Goodwill. Can you believe it? Four pieces of glass dishware for $2.68! That's an awesome deal. Epic even.

Today was 50% off the entire store. We couldn't have gone to Goodwill on a better day.

The thing I love about Goodwill is that the stuff there is ridiculously low priced anyways, then they go and make everything 50%! Amazing! And I almost always find everything I need at Goodwill. Like, I bought a bride's maid's dress there for $6!!!! Again, amazing!

And that is why I positively absolutely love Goodwill.

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