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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal

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I know that I say all my oatmeal recipes are my favorite, but this one really is. I mean, c'mon! Does it really get any better than chocolate and cherries?

Yesterday I tried to make a Reese's oatmeal. It didn't turn out so well. I used cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips which made for a very dry, very thick oatmeal. Especially with the sunflower seed butter.I was full pretty much all day.

Okay, so that didn't work. So today, I made chocolate cherry oatmeal using chocolate chips. And boy was it good. Not too thick, not dry, and just the right amount of chocolate-y flavor. The cherries were just marvelous with the chocolate.

I use a local brand of cherry preserves that has no added sugars in it. White grape juice is used to sweeten the preserves, which makes for a wonderful cherry (not sugar tasting) jam. Paired with the TJ's semi-sweet chocolate chips, I almost died.

Have I convinced you yet?

1/2 c. cooked oatmeal
milk of choice
1 T. cherry preserves
1 1/2 T. chocolate chips
sweetener to taste
pinch of salt

1. Heat oatmeal on stove top with  a little bit of milk.
2. When milk and oatmeal start to bubble, turn to stove top to low and add all the ingredients except for the chocolate chips.
3. Put oatmeal in a bowl and add the chips, stir until they are melty and thoroughly combined with the oatmeal.
4. Top with nuts, cherries, chocolate chips, or anything else your heart desires. And dig in!

Inquiry of the Day:

Do you buy locally whenever you can?

I know we do! Everything tastes better when its fresh and local. Including jellies, relishes, and pickles. They taste much more real than the stuff at the grocery store (Trader Joe's almost always is an exception to this, though).


  1. Looks like dessert for breakfast!

    1. It is! Dessert for breakfast is my favorite kind of breakfast. ;)


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