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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Recipe Round-Up

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Last Easter, it was 60 degrees outside, sunny, and I wore a skirt to Easter service at church. This year, it snowed, and is about 35 degrees outside. Ugh. The upside of the snow? I got to go sledding one last time. Woo hoo! The down side, it's spring and I'm sick of cold weather. But what can you do....

I know you didn't come here to get the forecast of Indiana weather, so I'll just move onto the recipes. ;)

The perfect treat for Easter Sunday brunch. 

What special breakfast is complete with out donuts? Seriously. 

Moist, lemon-y muffins without eggs or dairy! 

The perfect spring color and they taste delicious!

The perfect light dessert for spring. (Even if it doesn't feel like spring!)

Perfect replacement for all that unhealthy Easter candy.

Also a great substitute for Easter Candy. Who needs jelly beans when you can have PB&J cookies?

Not a ham fan? Try fish sticks! 

Instead of regular fries, try the potato's cousin- sweet potato! 

A great spring salad that's crunch, light, and tangy. 

For pancakes, on top of muffins, or maybe even sweet potato fries. It's up to you!

Inquiry of the Day:

What are your plans for Easter?

I'm going to church, of course, then eating an early dinner at my grandparents' house with family. By the way, you probably won't hear from me until after Easter. I'm taking a much needed vacation and won't have time to blog.


  1. Hi! I recently viewed your blog, and it looks awesome! Great recipes, I can't believe someone my age thinks up recipes that are so professional looking!

    1. Thank you so much! You're comment really means a lot to me. :*)Have a happy Easter! :D

  2. Love the fun recipe ideas. Btw - I tried making those lemon muffins and they are *awesome*. I loved them!
    Sending warm thoughts your way =)

    1. Thanks! Especially for the warm thoughts. I think they worked, because today it was nearly 60 degrees! ;) Have a great Easter! :D


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