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Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up

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For some odd reason, I couldn't wait for the Super Bowl this year. And I don't even watch that much football, which makes this even more peculiar. It's probably because I'm tired of the football season and just want it to be over with. Between the months of November and the beginning of January, if you even try to walk out of the house with a shirt that is non-Colts, expect lots of glares and people sniffing their noses. Football is serious in Indiana. The Colts are one of things we Hoosiers can pride ourselves on, and, believe me, we do. I was hoping as much as the next girl that the Colts would get into the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Oh well. Maybe next year.

However, besides the end of the football season (I'm more of a basketball person) the one other thing I do enjoy about the Super Bowl is the food. I love bite-sized appetizers, anything that's fried, and classic American comfort food, such as, burgers, hotdogs, and buffalo chicken wings. That's why I've compiled this list of foods that would be great Super Bowl food.

*Note: All pictures come from original authors

I hope you all have a great Super Bowl weekend! And I also hope that the Broncos win. ;)


  1. I caught some great recipes from this - thank you!


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