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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Final Draft

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Okay, so remember how so many months ago when I was doing my first round of revising? Well this is it guys. I'm on the last draft.

You cannot begin to understand how excited and happy I am right now. Happy not only because I got the darn (frustrating, irritating, beautiful) thing done, but also because I get to share it with you guys soon. Eep! It's so exciting!

The only thing left to do are line edits, which is basically looking for grammar/spelling issues. Easy peasy compared to the other edits I've done. Hopefully this'll be the least painful edit. *crosses fingers*

What I'm really worried about is it not being good enough. I love it, my friends (of the ones I've let read it) love it, but what about my family? What about you guys? Have I not done enough? Is it not close enough to perfection? I know it'll never be perfect, but still.... There will always be haters, I know and expect that, but am I strong enough to take the criticism? Especially when it might be coming from my own family? That will hurt more than any of the other criticism I've had to take.

I'm going to keep it super short and sweet today and spare you all from my endless ranting (plus my dad is pestering me to get off  the computer...), so this is it. This is the end. I hope you guys love this book as much as I have grown to love it.

 And then the writing cycle starts all over again when I write books two and three. ;) 



  1. Congratulations! You have worked hard on it and now it's done!


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