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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Recipe Round-Up

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Memorial Day conjures up memories of hot sunny days, working in the garden, grilling, and going to the pool. Well, not this Memorial Day. It's chilly, rainy, and not perfect swimming weather at all. But we are grilling! Yay! :D

I hope the weather is much better where you are. Maybe you'll actually be able to go to the pool. Hopefully, I'll get to go sometime this week.

Anyways, this recipe round-up is a little late, but I had a few things come up that I needed to take care of. (I swear, finals will be the death of me.) I don't really have many grilling recipes, so most of these recipes will take care of the side dishes and dessert. But who doesn't love dessert? ;)

(This would be fantastic with ribs)

Inquiry of the Day:

What are your Memorial Day plans?

We're going to being gardening and smoking ribs all day. Those ribs are going to be the reason I go outside in this rainy weather. 

Coming soon: Texas Roadhouse sweet potatoes and Pina Colada smoothie. What would you like to see first? 


  1. The funfetti cupcakes look great:) I'll have to check that recipe out! Maybe for next Memorial Day...
    For Memorial Day, we had a couple of neighbors and friends over for a cookout :D I was the only one eating a veggie burger, so I felt a little awkward...oh well, it was delicious and we had fun:)

    1. Thanks! Personally, it's my favorite cupcake recipe that I've tried so far. But why wait till Memorial Day!!! ;)
      I totally understand the veggie burger thing. Every time I go to some sort of social thing they serve pizza and I'm stuck with my sometimes-not-so-appetizing Paleo food. ;)


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